NiCole’s experiences while dining out

I haven’t gotten to check out a number of these locations, here’s what NiCole has discovered, (my comments in green.)

From: NiCole
Subject: soy free food

I live with a pretty severe soy allergy and I love eating out.
Buffalo Wild Wings is pretty safe as they use beef fat for frying. (very interesting!)
I have found that Cottage Inn, Domino’s, and Hungry Howie’s gluten free crust works. (We’ve discovered that Donato’s gluten free crust is also soy free, so this is encouraging news)
Red lobster has some good soy free choices like their fried shrimp
And big boy is really accompanying.
I also just had a nacho at national coney with real cheese that was delicious

Restaurants that I cannot go to are
Taco Bell though they claim some is soy free it all contains soy (We don’t even bother walking into a Taco Bell, aside from shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream, everything else has soy in it)
McDonald’s (We had pretty good success with McDonald’s, to the point that the kids got sick of it.)

I can eat at Burger King , fries and chicken fries. (The last time we were in a Burger King, the kids couldn’t have the fried items.)
Arby’s doesn’t seem to bother me ( most items ). (Since Arby’s started frying in corn oil, we’ve found quite a few items that the kids can have.)
Del taco has a few soy free items.