Sarah’s Akron dining experiences

We are familiar with a number of these locations, (my comments in green.)

From: Sarah
Subject: A Fellow Soy-Free Akronite.

Hi there!

I chanced upon your site for the first time today and I am so happy (and surprised) to have found you! I live in Akron, OH, too, and developed a soy allergy six years ago. I am stunned by where I find soy (it’s in EVERYTHING)!

I have a couple additions for you. Hope these help!

  • Tums Smoothies (berry fusion) have soy. (Regular Tums are ok.)
  • Most chewing gum has soy EXCEPT Trident White (peppermint). There is also Glee Gum (sold at Krieger’s and Mustard Seed Market) that doesn’t have soy but the flavor doesn’t last very long.
  • Mustard Seed Market has a nice soy-free selection of items – not everything – but they do have soy-free bread. They also have one brand of soy-free milk-chocolate, and a couple dark chocolates. (We’ve found some of the soy free bread at Mustard Seed, too, very excited to hear about the chocolate — so far, the kids really only get enjoy life chocolate chips and candy bars.)
  • Manischewitz brand has soy-free Matzo (bread) crumbs, and yummy macaroon cookies in a wide variety of soy-free flavors. (I can usually only find these during Passover, though. Sold at most grocery stores.)
  • I’ve also learned that things with “artificial or natural flavoring” or vitamin E AKA tocopherol acetate usually means soy. Check lip balms, and, if you’re particularly sensitive, lotion tissues. (Hadn’t really thought too much about personal products.)
  • I’m more likely to find soy-free groceries at Earth Fare, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Mustard Seed Market than places like Acme, Marc’s or Giant Eagle. (We love Trader Joe’s, and definitely pick up some items at Seven Grains Natural Market.)


  • Aladdin’s (Mediterranean restaurant) is soy-free! Even the pita bread and dressings! They use olive oil. (We love Aladdin’s, I’m not sure why I don’t have an entry for them)
  • Almost everything at Bravo! Italian Restaurant (even their bread!) is soy-free!
  • At Olive Garden, the alfredo sauce (NOT the garlic-alfredo sauce, though) was listed as soy-free last time I checked, and I haven’t reacted to it. If you tell them you have a soy allergy, you can ask them to put butter on the pasta instead of oil. You can also ask for the oil and vinegar instead of their dressing, and, of course, no croutons. No bread sticks.
  • SOME Penn Station’s will bake me a loaf of their bread without margarine (this can take a while, so I call ahead). They do their best to avoid cross contamination on the griddle, but I would avoid if I were deathly allergic.