Saffron Patch Indian Restaurant

Unfortunately, they fry in a soybean oil mixture, but fortunately, there are still a whole lot of options still available.

So needless to say all of the fried items are off limits, which is most of the appetizers. So no Samosas, Pakodas, or Batada Wada. The Murgh Tikka is okay.

All of the Naan bread (without nuts) is okay and the Papadum lentil crackers, by default, are fried, but our very helpful waiter, Gabe, brought out a baked batch for our kids.

The tamarind and curry sauces are okay, but unfortunately too spicy for our kids.

There are quite a few non-fried entrées, so we really had a lot of choices there. We got saffron rice, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Tandoori Malai Kabon.

For dessert, the coconut and mango ice cream are okay. Well, more than okay, my wife is ready to start her own ice cream distributorship so that she can get her hands on the coconut ice cream on a more frequent basis.

All in all, Saffron Patch was a hit with some much needed variety for the kids (and parents). To quote the 7 year old: “Saffron Patch is the best, and McDonald’s is the worst” — Not standard ideas coming from a 7 year old!

Saffron Patch
1244 Weathervane Ln
Akron, OH 44313
Phone: (330) 836-7777