Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Wonderful News! Our kids can eat at Carrabba’s Italian Grill. I haven’t seen him this happy at a restaurant in a long time.

Most Italian restaurants “cool” their pasta in soybean oil to keep the pasta from sticking together. That and sneaky doses of soybean oil in the pasta sauces make it extremely difficult to find an Italian restaurant the kids can eat at.

They use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for most of their oil usage, so they can have the pasta. There’s no oil in their spaghetti sauce, so he can have the spaghetti and meatballs kids meal. Even better news, they can have the lasagna. I thought he was going to dance himself right out of his chair when he hear that news!

They use real butter in their fettuccine alfredo sauce, so that’s another option.

The Sicilian Chicken Soup is okay.

The chicken fingers are fried in soybean oil, so “no”, to those — but who wants chicken fingers when there’s lasagna in the house.

Even better, there’s no soybean oil in Carrabba’s bread. This is the first “restaurant bread” that he’s been able to eat. With the olive oil and herbs and spices, I think he’d eat the whole loaf of bread if we let him.

Mike the manager was really helpful, even to the point of bringing labels out to us to inspect.

They use margarine in the garlic mashed potatoes, so those are off limits.

Unfortunately their house creamy Parmesan dressing is full of mayonnaise (which is why my wife likes it so much) so “no” on that. We’re assuming all of the salad dressing will be a problem, but they are pretty busy tonight so we don’t want to ask too many questions in one sitting. Their Italian dressing is okay since they use extra virgin olive oil.

Interesting little-known Carrabba’s fact: They actually make a lot of their butter in-house.

6560 Strip Avenue Northwest
North Canton, OH 44720