Soy in Olive Garden menu?

A reader asked, is there “Soy in Olive Garden menu?”

Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten to try to order at an Olive Garden restaurant, but I can make some pretty good educated guesses. First by looking at their allergen guide, you can see that pretty much everything is marked as containing soy. I can’t tell if they subscribe to the “soybean oil isn’t made out of soy“, but considering the sheer number of items that are marked as containing soy, it makes me think that they may be listing items with soybean oil in them also. I would assume, like most Italian Restaurants, they put soybean oil on their cooked pasta to keep it from sticking together. Many Italian Restaurants also end up using soybean oil in their pasta sauces, too.

Because of this information, we’ve never even bothered to darken the door of an Olive Garden because we’re pretty much 100% sure that there will nothing they can eat.

Olive Garden allergen guide (Printed information is valid: 06/01/2015 – 07/05/2015)