Spaghetti Warehouse

Well, this should be my 3rd or 4th post about Spaghetti Warehouse, but I keep getting different answers every time we visit, so I’m always hesitant to post anything here.

Our most current visit tells us that Spaghetti Warehouse (like most Italian restaurants) put soybean oil on their just-cooked noodles to keep them from sticking to each other.

It seems like every other time that we go to Spaghetti Warehouse, we get a different answer, so I’m not  sure if they’re really changing their processes that often, or if we’re getting bad information.

Due to all of the pasta having soybean oil on them and (if I recall correctly) some of their pasta sauces, Spaghetti Warehouse is pretty much off-limits to our kids. They are always very helpful there, but it ends up being about the only thing the kids can eat there is when they steam up some non-marinated chicken or shrimp and broccoli. As good (and healthy) as that can be, it’s really hard for the kids to watch us eat a 15 layer lasagna in front of them.

Spaghetti Warehouse
510 S Main St #33, Akron, OH 44311
(330) 374-0025