From: Sam
Subject: Subway

Message Body:
You were right, I followed your advice and asked for glove changes, etc. at Subway and I got to eat out and didn’t have to chug Benadryl!!!

As a note you should add, the great gal working took my toppings from the reserve stock they use for replenishment to prevent cross-contamination since they touch everything in the line.
I was so happy! Thanks!

BTW, I have reactions to Vitamin E/Tocopherols which are not labeled as soy and the government has declared them to be safe. I bought cod liver oil and it had vitamin E from soy (I called the company after getting sick) and it took a lot to figure out that it was soy and it was from a company that advertised how allergy-safe they were, but when you get into it, this the truth of why they do not and WILL not (I asked) declare soy as present in their products: “Nordic Naturals ensures that our vitamin E, verified by both a traditional analytical method and by Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), contains either no soy proteins or undetectable levels of protein. Because of this, we feel confident that individuals allergic to soy can safely take our products.” I only found this stuff out because I had a reaction!!!

I also have reactions to soy-sourced glycerin both added to foods and in personal care products.

I am daily frustrated by this saying that things derived from soy are not soy!!! Crazy. How do we address this to live in a safer world?!? Come people, JUST LABEL IT! Sheesh…


Sam, I’m glad to hear that you’ve found a way to eat at Subway. As far as the other items, it is downright scary where all soy can be seen — or more accurately, not seen on the label, but found by extensive research or reactions.

I always feel like I’m cross examining a criminal witness in court just trying to be sure there’s no soy in supposedly soy-free foo.