Mimi’s Italian Foods & Deli

Restaurant Visit

Unfortunately most of what Mimi’s serves contains soy. Fortunately, the staff at Mimi’s is extremely accommodating and helpful when trying to avoid soy.

Mimi’s does not cook with soybean oil, but they do “cool” all of their pasta with soybean oil. We were told that if we just call ahead, they will cook up a fresh batch of pasta without soybean oil. The ravioli contains soy and is made elsewhere, so it can not be prepared without soy.

They fry in soybean oil and all of their bread items have soy in it.

What we order:

  • Pasta (not cooled with soybean oil) with meat sauce
  • Our Nickles One Buns to eat with the pasta
  • Salad, but watch the dressings
  • Stuffed pepper soup

With our Nickles One Buns, our son could have most of the sandwiches.

Mimi’s Italian Foods & Deli
786 East Main Street
Ravenna, OH 44266
(330) 297-1119