Dairy Queen

Note: Dairy Queen’s ice cream does not have soy in it, but their cones do. So our kids can have their ice cream sundaes. Known safe flavors are: strawberry, marshmallow, caramel.

Restaurant Visit
We’ve frequented the Dairy Queen in Cuyahoga Falls, OH a few times since our son was diagnosed with his soy allergy. The owner, Bill, has been extremely helpful in making sure our son has an enjoyable visit.

Website & restaurant allergen info assume that soybean oil is non-allergenic. In the allergen list, the french fries are listed as not containing soy, but the same document says that they fry in soybean oil. At least they make it easy to know what oil they fry in, it’s amazing how many allergen documents don’t even share that information.

Soybean Oil: Our frying oil is a vegetable oil blend, which includes soybean oil. While soybean oil is not indicated as an allergen, you should consult with your doctor as to whether you need to avoid soybean oil.

Summary: Basically all of the fried items, all of their bread, and all of the chocolate has soy in it.

What we order:
The kids meal:

  • cheeseburger: switching Swiss cheese instead of the American cheese and bringing a Nickles One Bun
  • applesauce
  • Mister Misty, er Arctic Rush, slushy drink
  • The owner allows our son to have a strawberry sundae for his dessert since all of the kids meal dessert choices contain soy. The cone that the ice cream comes in has soy. The ice cream sandwich and dilly bar list soy as an ingredient.

And no, we don’t let our son eat slushies and ice cream as the bulk of his meal very often!

Unfortunately, Dairy Queen cakes have soy in them, so our son won’t be able to have one. For those of you can eat them, they are offering a $3 gift card with every ice cream cake ordered.

Dairy Queen
715 Portage Trail
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
(330) 928-0246

Dairy Queen
1050 West State Street
Alliance, OH 44601
(330) 821-5096

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website: http://www.dairyqueen.com