Ci Ci’s Pizza Buffet

Online Materials Used:

Phone Call:

called Alliance, Ohio Ci Ci’s on 2/5/11, confirmed that they use soybean oil in their dough.


Before we learned about our son’s soy allergy, Ci Ci’s was always a favorite destination. The above link makes it nice and easy for parents of peanut allergic children:

None of our products contain peanuts, peanut oil or are processed in a plant that processes nuts.

Once soybean became an issue, we learned over the phone that Ci Ci’s uses soybean oil in the dough. Some further research shows that there is more soy than just in the dough.

I found this entry on eHelp: On Dec 02, 2010 Riva asked:

Does cici’s pizza contain soy protein in their meat or bread products?

Child with allergies -allergic to soy products like soy protein added to breads and meats to stretch the product quantity out.

Rob’s answer was:

DO NOT go by what is on their website. My advice call corporate and ask specifics to confirm…..I called corporate 972-745-4200 to confirm. They said unfortunately most of their products DO contain soy…..I asked why it wasn’t on their site under allergy information. They replied they are working on updating the site. What I found out. Pepporoni, Pizza dough, cheese and regular sauce (not buffalo) do not contain soy protein. Dessert Apple pizza and cinn. rolls w/icing do not contain soy protein. They all do contain soybean oil….however, my sons allergist informed me he can have soybean oil and soy lethicin since the allergens have been removed during cooking/processing…..Good luck!

If soybean oil and soy lecithin are not a problem for you, there are some options at Ci Ci’s. If you need to avoid both, unfortunately, you’ll need to avoid the whole restaurant.