Where I can find soy free bread and pizza in my area?

Miss Green asked: “Where I can find soy free bread and pizza in my area?”

Unfortunately, we can’t be a lot of help when it comes to bread, as it seems that pretty much 100% of all commercially available bread and buns have soybean oil in them. We pretty much have to depend on my wife baking bread or visiting a local artesian bakery to get bread or buns that the kids can eat. Update 6/22/2015 — Aldi’s actually carries 8 different types of bread that are soy free.
Pizza is almost as hopeless, but there is one nationwide option: Donato’s Pizza has a gluten free pizza that uses Udi’s gluten free crust which is conveniently also soy free. So if there’s a Donato’s Pizza in your neck of the woods, head on over there right away. Aside from Donato’s, every national chain we’ve researched uses soybean oil in their crust and often in their sauce.