Qdoba Mexican Grill

Thanks to Sarah for this heads up about Qdoba: “I just wanted to let you know that QDoba is another restaurant that cooks everything in soybean oil.”

Sarah sent me the link to Qdoba’s allergen & ingredient list, and sure enough they’re playing the “soybean oil isn’t made of soy” game. A quick look at their handy dandy allergen chart will show you only three items that contain soy. Life is great! Until you either eat the food (like poor Sarah) or dig further into the information (like Sarah ultimately did) and find out that they really should have marked just about everything in the restaurant as containing soy because many of the ingredients contain soybean oil, and those that don’t are grilled in soybean oil or fried in soybean oil — I don’t call that soy free!

So unfortunately Qdoba, like Chipotle (my favorite), is off limits to Sarah and my kids — someday they’ll actually be able to eat at a Mexican style restaurant, but not today.

Source: http://www.qdoba.com/downloads/Qdoba_Allergen_Info.pdf