East of Chicago Pizza

More interesting news on the pizza front. After learning last week about Donatos gluten (and possibly unintentionally soy) free pizza, we’ve now learned that East of Chicago Pizza may not contain soy. I stress “may not” because we can say that they use corn oil in their crust instead of soybean oil, which is wonderful and extremely hopeful, but we don’t have complete answers yet.

Here’s what we do know: according to East of Chicago’s website, their crusts contains corn oil. Interestingly enough, their deep dish crust also contains “Dough Mix” which contains soy flour. Why that crust has an extra element of “Dough Mix”, I have no idea. I thought pizza crust was “dough”, so I guess I’m just an unlearned barbarian. So our big concern is that do they keep the dough separate and can we be sure that only the Pan Pizza has the soy flour and that they never use the bonus “Dough Mix” in the thin crust or the crispy crust.

Once that mystery is solved, we’ve still got a remaining mystery as to what the ingredients are for everything else. Oddly enough, East of Chicago only lists the ingredients for their dough, so we’ve got no idea about the rest of the ingredients. We’ve seen pizza restaurants with soybean oil in their sauce, and of course our favorite bad examples of soy in Burger King’s pickles, and soy in Country Time Lemonade, we’re not going to take anything on faith. I do see that East of Chicago uses textured soy protein concentrate in their meatball sandwich, so it’s not inconceivable that there could be soy in their sauce, their cheese, their pepperoni, or their sausage. So we’re not going to rush out to East of Chicago tonight, but we will most definitely be researching this more. Stay tuned for more details!

Source: http://www.eastofchicago.com/nutrition/nutrition_pizza.html

East of Chicago
236 West Ave
Tallmadge, OH 44278
(330) 633-0161