Boston Market

It looks like some of the standard items are soy free at Boston Market: Rotisserie Chicken, Roasted Turkey Breast, Fresh Steamed Vegetables, Rice Pilaf, Mac and Cheese and Creamed Spinach (somewhat surprisingly).

I’m somewhat concerned that Boston Market takes the “Soybean Oil isn’t Soy” route, as they claim that their Broccoli with Garlic Butter Sauce is soy-free, as I would have to imagine that there’s margarine (aka hydrogenated soybean oil) in there somewhere, but maybe I’m in for a pleasant surprise.

Back in February, Susan (see comment below) ran into problems with soy at a Boston Market. Susan’s list is much more limited than what I’m finding from Boston Market’s allergen list, which makes me think that Boston Market is indeed ignoring soybean oil in cooking oil, margarine, or non-stick spray.

We don’t live near a Boston Market, so we’ll have to stop in and grill a manager next time we’re near one.

Source: (April 2013)