please list every fast food or chain restaurant and baked goods that are soy free

Melissa asked us to tell her “every fast food or chain restaurant and baked goods that are soy free”.

Well, Melissa, I wish I knew! 🙂 Seriously, trying to answer that exact question is what led to the creation of this website. Unfortunately pretty much every national restaurant has soy in a large percentage of their offerings. The most notable exception would be Chipotle, and Donato’s gluten (and conveniently soy) free pizza.

Rumor has it that Panera Bread is starting to carry some baked goods that are soy free, but I have not had the opportunity to check them out personally. Unfortunately, between the shortening or the frosting, pretty much every baked good made in America is going to have soy in it. If you’re looking for not-made-by-yourself baked goods, your best bet is going to be a local artesian bakery that realizes that soybean oil is not a requirement when baking.

I'm trying to track allergen information for every restaurant that we eat at. With my son's soy allergy, each time we eat at a restaurant, it can take up to 30 minutes to figure out what he can eat. Especially since most restaurants don't accurately represent their usage of soy.

We're tracking what soy free (including soybean oil free) foods our son can eat at all restaurants we go to. If you've got a soy allergy in your family and have any information you can share, please contact us.

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  1. Panera Bread does, indeed, have soy free options, including delicious breads! I *think* their oatmeal cookies are soy free, but not their other baked sweets. They have an AWESOME ingredient listing for each item on their menu on their website. It’s the only place I can get any breakfast items for myself in my town. (I react to EVERYTHING soy, even MSG and cellulose, if soy derived, so eating out is a pain in the butt!) I love Panera!! too

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