Chipotle is (for all intents and purposes) Soy Free!!!!

Thanks to Angela for reminding me of the wonderful news: Chipotle is finally (mostly) Soy Free! We were in a Chipotle a couple of weeks ago and were pleasantly surprised to find out Chipotle now uses canola oil in their tortillas. That makes everything we care about 100% soy free at Chipotle. They do ?now? ?still? offer a tofu concoction as an alternative to meat, but if it’s been there for a while, I’ve just ignored it.

So the tofu concoction is the only thing with soy in it in the entire restaurant. Our son was so ecstatic to finally be able to eat a Chipotle burrito again. It was one of his favorite restaurants before we found out about his soy allergy, and now he gets to go back!