Panera bread

M. Bonafede reports

We’ve had reasonable success finding items our soy-allergic daughter can eat at Panera. (her allergy didn’t get severe until teen years, so we’re new at this).

Many of Panera’s breads do not have soy. So if we avoid the marinated sandwich fillings, tuna/chicken salad, and make it very clear that no dressing or mayo can be on the sandwich, she has been fine at Panera.

I did see that most of their desserts and pastries have soy though.

Also, it’s so hard to find bread in the grocery store that doesn’t have soybean oil. Our Giant sells Panera bread in the bread aisle and several varieties of it are soybean oil-free.

Soy lecithin isn’t a problem at this time; so my info does not consider if soy lecithin is present.