Kinsey’s Korner / Sport Pizza

Unfortunately they fry in soybean oil so that excludes all fried items. They also use it in their pizza dough and cool their pasta in soybean oil. Gyro meat and gyro sauce also have soy. The only “butter” in the house is a butter /margarine mix.

Macaroni and cheese its not Kraft and it does contain soy.

Fortunately they are very helpful and the waitress was willing to go back to the kitchen numerous times.

What they ate: baked cod with cajun seasoning (and consolation mozzarella) with jello, cottage cheese, and applesauce.

Steak would be okay once the grill was cleaned. The potato chips are Ruffles and there is no soybean oil in them so I was able to donate my chips to our son.

Atwater, OH  44201
(330) 947-2288