Bob’s Pizza

Bob’s Pizza is the closest restaurant to our house (yes, we live in the boonies) and fortunately for our son, the owner has a very dim view of soybean oil. He cooks with, and fries in canola oil. Because of that, our son can have their pizza, and most importantly (to him) he can have their french fries.

At this point, this is the only place in America that we know that he can actually eat their pizza, french fries, and fried chicken / buffalo wings (without the breading because there’s soy in the breading). The only buffalo wing sauce he can have is the regular barbeque sauce and the mild buffalo sauce.

They’re really nice there and will even make french toast for him with our own bread. As usual, we have to avoid all sauces and any of the breaded items.

Bob’s Pizza
1539 State Route 44
Atwater, OH, 44265
(330) 325-1873