Priyanka’s experience with Soybean Phytoestrogen Content

From: Priyanka
Subject: Soybean Phytoestrogen Content

Message Body:
First and foremost, this website is awesome! Thanks for compiling all of these resources in an easy to access website.

Second, I am a first year medical student who has had a problem with her skin since high school. I noticed in college that I would get bad acne cysts on my face when I consumed tofu/soy. Since then, I avoid those like the plague. I’ve still suffered from slightly less severe breakouts though, and I’m coming to wonder if soybean oil/soy lecithin is still messing with my hormones in some way. (I also react poorly to flax seeds, another food with high phytoestrogens).

I was wondering if you’ve had any contact with a viewer of this website who has correlated soybean oil to hormonal problems, but not true allergies. It’s astonishing how much soy can disturb the endocrine system, and I cannot believe the FDA for allowing soybean oil in 90 percent of our food based on scant research.

Well wishes!


Hi Priyanka,

All of my readers (up until you) have only been concerned with allergic reactions to soy. I’ll be curious if anybody else has had any experiences like you. Due to a 2006 article about the high estrogen content in soy, we were already avoiding soy in our home, having kids with soy allergies has required us to be more vigilant.