Uno’s Chicago Grill

Thanks to Sharla for this great information on Uno’s Chicago Grill:

My daughter has an intolerance to soy. So, we understand needing to avoid soy at all costs.  We went to Uno’s Chicago Grill restaurant this past weekend.  We were very impressed with them.  They had a computer just inside the door that had all of their menu items, a list of their ingredients and any allergens found within those foods.  My daughter was able to have a cheese burger for the first time in almost a year (since we discovered her intolerance).  They have gluten free hamburger buns, which are also soy free!

We’ll definitely have to try to find a location near us. That’s great that Uno’s Chicago Grill is taking allergies seriously like this. It’s amazing how many restaurants we go into that have no information at all on their ingredients.