Carrabba’s now using more soy?

I just received this information from alert reader, Beth Moody.

Carrabbas has changed!  The last time I went, July 2014, there were only 2 entrees that did not contain soy. It pays to ask every time!

Beth brings up a very good point. As useful as all of this information is, you just never know when a restaurant or food manufacturer is going to change ingredients — and since soy is apparently the cheapest ingredient on the face of the planet, more often than not, when an alteration is made, it is to include soy in some form (think soy lecithin instead of cocoa butter in chocolate).

So, let’s all learn the lesson that Beth learned: “Ask every time.” I’ll definitely be digging deeper at the Carrabba’s near us. Our son will be heartbroken if they’ve bungled his favorite restaurant.