Waterloo Restaurant

Great news. The Waterloo Restaurant fries in canola oil. So that means he can have their french fries, sweet potato fries. Macaroni and cheese, pancakes.

Update: the omelets are not okay. We were originally told that the omlets were cooked with olive oil, but this trip (we always confirm our information at restaurants) we learned that the olive oil is 20% vegetable oil, which we’ve leaned is a pseudonym for soybean oil.

Update to the update; Regular pancakes are  not okay. The batter its fine, the buttermilk is fine, but they mix in margarine. Unfortunately, the recipe is for large batches, and they can’t mix up just enough for the kids.

And now apparently the macaroni and cheese is not okay. There is becoming less and less soy free options at this restaurant.

Sweet potato pancakes are out.

Lasagna is out because the marinara sauce has some soybean oil on it.

The “Broccoroni” is out (and all breaded items) because their breading contains panko crumbs that contain soy.

Waterloo Restaurant & Catering
423 E Waterloo Rd
Akron, OH 44319‎
(330) 773-5158