What We Do About Soy

Obviously, we eat at home a lot more now. It wasn’t too much of a change at home since we were already skeptical about soy in general. My wife make our own bread. We read lots and lots of labels. We already have a lot of practice in reading labels since we have always tried to avoid MSG.

We find that a lot of times health food stores tend to have non-allergenic options that traditional grocery stores don’t have. Ironically though, it can be very difficult in health food stores as somebody’s managed to convince the world that soybeans are actually very good for you. Enjoy life is a brand that is safe for our kids as it avoids all of the top allergens (including gluten). An excellent alternative to a traditional health food store is the Trader Joe’s chain. Check and see if you have one around you. We’ve found numerous items (including some of their breads) that the kids can eat, and Trader Joe’s tend to be a fraction of traditional health food store prices.

For cooking, we’ve almost switch 100% coconut oil — which goes for about $60/gallon, but we’ve found that WalMart now carry’s a LouAnn brand of coconut oil for about $6 a quarter gallon — still more expensive than gasoline, but it is a high-heat oil that avoids the problems related to cooking with olive oil.

Eating out? That’s a whole different story. We tend to research online ahead of our visit. We’ve gotten in the habit of carrying some soy free sandwich buns and cheese. We can use these to de-soy a meal, and if worse comes to worse, our son can have a cheese sandwich. Cheese is his favorite food, so we can never go wrong there. Good thing he’s not lactose intolerant!

So far, Nickles‘ “One Bun” flat bread sandwich buns and flat bread hot dog buns (yes, flat bread hot dog buns!) are the only soy free commercially available bread we’ve found. I’d link directly to the items, but I can’t find either item on Nickles’ website. So far we’ve only found One Bun at Marc’s and Acme, even though we’ve seen other stores that carry Nickles’ products. As of July 2014, it’s next to impossible to find the one buns, so we’re afraid that Nickles has quit producing them. I’d love to find out otherwise.

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    1. Hi blu,
      My wife makes bread for our kids at home using a bread maker. It works out quite well. Most of the recipes that come with the machine are soy free. The only reason you find soybean oil in so much commercial food is that soybean oil is so much cheaper than any other oil.

  1. At our local Walmart (Mesa, AZ) and also WinCo, we have found Kangaroo brand pita pockets that are made with canola oil instead of soybean oil. We also get honey whole wheat bread from a certain Fry’s grocery store near us. I have checked at other Fry’s stores. Only the Stapley and McKellips store has it, that I can tell.

  2. Rudi’s Bakery ( Colorado) has all soy free recipirs carried in the feezer section at most major grocers down here in Texas. they alson have gluten free recipies. Udis bakery also has gluten free soy free breads, though Im not as familiar with them.

  3. Panera bread, I get the sourdough. You can order from the bakery and have it sliced thick or thin, buy the xl loaf for larger bread slices. They don’t fit the toaster very well though. I literally toss a loaf in my suitcase with a jar of Peter pan creamy peanut butter every time I leave town.

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