Our children are allergic to soy (and peanuts)

Avoiding soy can be a difficult task. Avoiding soy at restaurants can be almost impossible. Our children have soy (and peanut) allergies. DiningWithoutSoy.com is the collection of our notes we’ve made while figuring out what our kids can eat at restaurants.

Needless to say that we’re having to do an awful lot of research and making a lot of phone calls. My notes were starting to get awfully disorganized. I figured that if I’m going to go through the trouble of organizing my notes, I might as well publish them online in case it can help anybody else. This site is a product of those efforts. If you’ve got notes about a restaurant’s usage of soy, please forward them to me and I’ll add them to the site.

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  1. Thank you for publishing your info. My daughter has always been allergic to peanuts, then as a teenager, all nuts, and now, as a Senior in HS, soy. We had it ‘down’, but now we’re starting over. I really appreciate it.

  2. This is awesome. I try to look up information before going to a restaurant, but sometimes things are just impossible to find. I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked if a gluten free menu will help when I say I have a soy allergy! 🙂

    1. Yeah, it’s amazing how sidedtracked the allergy conversation can get. We get the gluten free suggestions (Although Donato’s gluten free pizza is indeed soy-free). Many gluten free items are loaded with soy. My other favorite allergy detour is when we say “no margarine” everybody hears “no butter”, and therefore, “no dairy”. It’s always fun trying to rewind those conversations and get them back on track.

    2. I’m %90 sure I just developed a soy allergy every time I eat it I can’t breathe is that normal? It’s like my lungs close a little

  3. My son is allergic to dairy, peanut and soy .It is very hard to tell your 2 year old can’t have birthday cake at parties. We can’t eat at relatives homes. I am just glad I found this.

  4. Hi Orlondo,
    That’s definitely the hardest part about any allergy (at any age). “Why is everybody else eating it, and I can’t?”. We’ve invested a lot of time and energy in trying to have allergy-free food with us at all times, but they’ve still never gotten to eat a doughnut (which is a crime against humanity, in my book!)

  5. Anyone else with EOE here? Avoiding the Top 8, and have tested + to soy allergy. Wish I would have found this site sooner! Your restaurant info is spot on – some chains really get it and have wonderful websites: Chipotle, RRobin, Wendy’s, and some, sadly, still have no nutrition info on their sites 🙁

    1. I found out today that I am soy allergic after being diagnosed with EOE. So glad to find this site! Thanks for all the info!!!

  6. Hi,

    Thank you for you site. I have a deadly soy allergy, along with any legumes. It has been very difficult here lately with all the soybean oil used, along with soy lecithin and this has impacted health. Panera bread has items on their menu that are soy free, including breads. They list every item in their ingredients on their website. Dominos has a hand tossed pizza crust that is soy free, but can get cross contamination from soy lecithin. Five Guys will use your buns for hamburgers. They do not use soybean oil, but they do have peanuts on the floor inside. These are all national chains so would think they are in Ohio, too. ~ a kindred spirit in Colorado.

  7. OMG! literally Im thirteen and two days ago I found out I’m allergic to soy and peanut but the problem is that I’m very bust andi have to stop at fast food, I like chick fil a and cookout esically i need some major help. Do you have any good apps that tell u what’s in food out in public? I can’t really any suggestions?

  8. My daughter is allergic to soy and nuts and eats safely on a few items on the menu at Raising Cane’s Chicken and Chipotle.

  9. Thank you for creating this page, I’m allergic to peanuts, soy, and anything that comes in contact with soy.
    Soy lecithin and soybean oil are the worst, and cause most of my problems.

    Just to share, Helmann’s canola oil mayonnaise is soy free, it’s a life saver!

  10. Hi,

    Thank you for putting up this website/blog.

    I am also allergic to soy and severely airborne allergic to peanuts. I never had allergies until about 1.5 year ago. We are an allergy family, but not everyone is allergic. I suppose my allergies must have been dormant or my genes activated or a mutation occurred recently for me to have food allergies and have live my whole life prior to it without any food allergy whatsoever It is quite challenging to have become disciplined in not eating things with soy. It is everywhere, it seems. In fact, I have seen it even in non-food products such as chapsticks, cough drops (except Burt’s Bee’s *phew*), and recently I saw a paper bag out of soy in one company’s break room.

    99.9% of the time, I don’t even consume beans anymore due to being allergic to one, and I have no idea what it looks like. Plus, the allergy clinic nurse who works with my allergist (happens to be department chair) said to also avoid all beans. Avoiding it as much as I can helps… but it seems that peanuts are also everywhere. It helps to know I am not alone, even if my airborne allergy to peanuts makes me 1% of US peanut allergy sufferers. It seems small to people given the fact that it’s rarely mentioned what the 1% is out of.

    I don’t know if anyone else can relate, but to me it seems a bit depressing at times to live with such allergies; for instance, even for cancer, there seems to be more research and somewhat almost promising answers for early stages. Why is it taking so long to find a solution for food allergies… after all, we have to eat to survive, and in our case, we have to be careful of what we eat and to avoid eating certain things to survive.

    I hope we can work together to find and share solutions. Thanks.

  11. I develop soy allergy latter in life but as a kid In the 90’s I was the human MSG tester. If I ate anything with MSG it would come right back up. My family kept a long list of foods and restaurants that used it. What I don’t get is that it still in tons of our food even though the public frowns on it.

  12. Really helpful site. Thanks for keeping this updated and going. You are helping countless people who are just reading through it and not taking the time to comment. Thank you! I have a soy allergy (I sent you note with details) and having this information is a blessing.

  13. We have just found out our daughter (9) is positive for soy, along with peanuts, and a slew of environmental allergens. We are finding out the struggle of this too….. thanks for the info.

  14. I spontaneously developed a soy allergy when I turned 30 years old. It took me a year to get a diagnosis of why I was so sick all of the time. My soy allergy causes sneezing and nasal congestion like I have a bad cold.
    The tiniest bit of soy sends me into these cold-like symptoms within 30 minutes of eating soy, and then the symptoms last 3 days. I’ve now had the allergy for five years, and I’ve gotten pretty adept at knowing what items have hidden soy, but it has taken awhile to get good at it. I still am surprised sometimes when I have a sudden attack and have to figure out what I ate that had soy. I wish I had seen your website years before. Does anyone else have a the nasal type reaction with soy? I feel like I’m the only one. You should see the incredulous looks I get when I tell people my cold-like symptoms are caused by my soy allergy. I don’t think anyone believes me. Just curious if anyone has this reaction…

  15. Through 8+ years of effort, I have proven and demonstrated my condition is a reaction to GMO products, since more than 70% of packaged foods in the USA contain soy and 99% of soy in the USA is GMO, eating soy was the primary cause of my illness. I suspect some of the postings here on this site are attributed to GMOs and *not* actually soy. A good test is to consume an amount of soy known/marked as non-GMO. Look for *both* labels of the USDA Organic (not sprayed with pesticide) and Non-GMO project Verified. A nibble or sip of any food containing trace amounts of soy causes my reaction, but I can eat Non-GMO soy infused products all day!

  16. Yes, this was how it started. I now have a full blown neurological reaction –itchy blisters head to toe. Test with some non-GMO soy to see if you do *not* have a similar reaction. You may have a GMO condition (adverse effect to the pesticide chemical glyphosate) rather than an allergy to soy.

  17. Thank you thank you THANKYOU for publishing all this!!! My breastfeeding infant is showing sensitivity to soy and i was just devastated thinking there’d be no way for me to eat out safely and keep breastfeeding, you’re a lifesaver!

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