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Kalahari Resorts

Thanks to Kate for this information about Kalahari Resorts:

We took a trip to the Kalahari resort in Sandusky, and they have some allergen free options there.  My sister who has Celiac’s, plus a dairy and soy intolerance was with us and they were so helpful.  She is extremely sensitive to even the slightest cross contamination with gluten, and the head chef came out to talk with her and discuss options and tell her that they actually had dedicated fryers and equipment for their allergen free foods.  She said it was the first meal she’d eaten in a restaurant without any problems at all in years.

Sounds like our next weekend getaway will be to Kalahari!

Kalahari Resorts
7000 Kalahari Dr
Sandusky, OH 44870
(419) 433-7200

I'm trying to track allergen information for every restaurant that we eat at. With my son's soy allergy, each time we eat at a restaurant, it can take up to 30 minutes to figure out what he can eat. Especially since most restaurants don't accurately represent their usage of soy.

We're tracking what soy free (including soybean oil free) foods our son can eat at all restaurants we go to. If you've got a soy allergy in your family and have any information you can share, please contact us.