There is no soy in their pancake batter, problem is, they use a soybean oil mixture on their grill, so that eliminates pancakes.

They’ve got the trusty standby Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

What we ordered:

Plain turkey, macaroni & cheese, fresh fruit cup, fresh broccoli with butter (make sure it’s real butter and not margarine).

He could also have the applesauce, corn (with butter), dinner salad with our own croutons and dressing.

Can’t have: Rice blend, croutons, or baked potato (brushed with margarine).

Can’t say we’re impressed with the manager here. Doesn’t seem to be real interested in helping. We’d be happy to figure it out ourselves if the restaurants or website had ingredient or allergen lists. Kyle, our waiter has been phenomenal, though.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery
20040 Harrisburg Westville Road
Alliance, OH 44601
Oak Ridge Motel‎
(330) 821-9600